Counter-Strike: GO Gaming

Counter-Strike: GO Gaming

On August, 2011, the Valve announced a new modification of Counter-Strike to be available at the beginning of 2012. The new game, which got a title “Counter-Strike: GO”, is based upon the latest 1.6 version and includes updated maps of improved graphics for multiplayer battles, updated appearances of fighters and new kinds of weapons. As the Valve produced a new game engine, on which Dota 2 and other innovative games of the company’s production were established, it was expected that CS:GO was going to use the same gaming platform. The game is supported by different operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. On August 22, 2012 there was a release of the game in the Steam client. That day the first update was uploaded by the Valve.cs go

Counter-Strike: GO – Core Gaming Principles

Economic components take the main role of the gameplay. Players receive a money award for a win or loss of a round and for picking off other players. For the acquired money players can purchase equipment and weapons.  There is also a penalty system, which charges players for killing teammates or hurting hostages. As in the previous series, the battle is conducted between 2 forces – Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

Terrorists are divided into:

  • Anarchists (the USA);
  • Balkans (Southern Europe);
  • Pirates (Somalia);
  • Professionals (the USA);
  • Phoenix Connexion  (Eastern Europe);
  • Separatists (Basque Country);
  • Elite Crew (the Near East);

Counter-Terrorists are divided into:

  • FBI (the USA);
  • GIGN (France);
  • GSG-9 (Germany);
  • IDF (Israel):
  • SAS (the UK);
  • SEAL Team 6 (the USA);
  • SWAT (the USA).

CS: GO – Product Support

After several updates, players of CS: GO obtained an opportunity to collect game items by different methods: after a match a random case drops in favor of a random player, to purchase a key to a case directly in a game, or to purchase a key and a case on a trade platform. The droppable items are: coloring (classified, secret, army, forbidden and others), blade (jackknife, sporting knife, butterfly knife, falchion and others), or other cases containing plenty of skins and equipment. Also these updates provided players with an option to collect, purchase and sell weapons; more than 100 kinds of modified weapons were included. In 2016, the next huge renewal of the game was released in the form of sound changes and elimination of various errors. The update included a new Gamma Case, comprising 17 new colorings for weapons and 7 new colorings for blades. In addition to that, prime-account provision system of CS: GO was also modified; the prime-accounts are awarded to players, which link their mobile devices up to profiles, as well as manage to reach 21st gaming rank or deserve a service medal.

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