Cybersports as a Way of Making Money

Cybersports as a Way of Making Money

Nowadays, the methods of making money have changed considerably. Thus, cybersports are among the most profitable professions of today. No surprise that every teenager wants to become a cyber sportsman and make millions of dollars playing his favorite computer games. What is more, the online gaming market has reached a top level, with regular tournaments and massive prizes.

Online Gaming Business

In the 1990s, it is gaming developers who made big money with each newly released gaming product in the market. The situation has changed considerably today. In our times, an inexperienced player has a chance to earn a lot in the gaming industry. What to say about professional gamers – they are the top of the gaming world. They have extraordinary skills, know how to elaborate subtleties of the game process, and have a rich experience. All this allow them to gain regular and quite massive income.

Like any other professional activity, gaming can be well sold, although there are still some nuances. For example, the level of income of a player may be influenced by his personal popularity among the audience and his place of residence. This may sound very strange, but the understanding and perception of the professional gaming industry is very different in different parts of the globe. For example, in Korea and China, gaming has become more popular than many sports, such as football and basketball. The situation is slightly different in the United States and Europe; however, cybersports is gaining popularity there as well.

Average Salary of a Cyber Sportsman

Wondering what earnings of a professional gamer are? There are no concrete rules here. The income depends on the salary entrusted to a player according to the concluded agreement. Of course, there can be contracts with cyber-sports organizations where responsibilities and rewards are prescribed. However, the numbers there vary greatly. Interestingly, one of the most famous Chinese players in Dota 2 mentioned that the average monthly salary of a top player ranges around $ 5,000. Not bad, is not it?

We can provide you with some other interesting figures. In America, a professional player of Dota 2 can earn from 80,000 to 160,000 dollars a year; in Europe, the income varies from 50,000 to 70,000 euros per year. You must admit that being a professional gamer is a very profitable business today. This field of activity can be also associated with playing in online casinos, whose jackpots, bonuses, and winnings amount to millions of dollars. Online gambling is currently among the most profitable industries.

Being a Professional Gamer

What are the main responsibilities imposed on a professional player under the contract? What bonuses and rewards can he expect? These are the questions that many of us think about.  A lot of people believe that being a professional cyber sportsman is easy. However, they are wrong. It’s a hard to work as per irregular schedule. Of course, sponsors are trying to make a schedule of matches and training so that players have enough time to rest and to recover strength. But sometimes they have to play both on the weekend and late at night if tournaments require it.

Playing your favorite game is just one side of the medal in the cyber sports. There are a lot of other contractual obligations for players:

  •         Be active in social networks;
  •         Stream games regularly;
  •         Give interviews;
  •         Participate in press conferences, promotions from sponsors and partners;
  •         Chat with fans and more.

The money reward is also prescribed in the contract. Salaries of professional players vary depending on cybersport game, team level, and other factors. At the moment, professional players can earn a few thousand dollars a month. Do not forget about the prizes from the tournaments that make up most of the players’ earnings.