Dota 2 Gaming

Dota 2 Gaming

Dota 2 is a multiplayer video game designed and promoted by the Valve Corporation. E-Sport discipline, famous all over the world, with a base of users totaling up to 13 million players, has been constantly gaining popularity after the release date in July 2013. Dota 2 is based upon the face-offs between two squads with five men from each side, competing to bring down the main structure located at either team’s base. It is also possible to play in single matches between two players, as a separate mode. Descending from the initial Defense of the Ancients of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos modification, the playing platform has officially been settled as a separate game keeping its essential gaming features, as Ice Frog, the developer of the first game version, continued working on Dota 2, after being announced to be employed by the Valve Corporation.dota 2

Dota 2 Events And Renowned E-sportsmen

Dota 2 community comprises of a decent number of professional teams. Therefore, the Valve Corporation arranges different contests and competitions with a winners’ pot amounting up to millions of U.S. dollars. Amongst the most famous contests, curated by Valve, is The International, which provides the highest prize pool of any e-Sport discipline. TI7 included 18 team participants, competing for the first place award of 10,862,683 U.S. dollars and Aegis (a specially created copy of a shield that is carried by big Red Boss Roshan during the gaming process). During the tournament some uprising young players from several different teams were revealed, which were taking part. The most skillful of them are pointed out as follows:

  • No[o]ne, Vladimir Minenko, is a professional Dota 2 player, as of today standing for, the gaming organization situated in Russian Federation. Vladimir Minenko launched his Dota 2 career after the International 2012, patterning himself on another Ukrainian mid-player, an iconic figure for many newcoming gamers, Dendi (Danil Ishutin), the Dota 2 veteran. No[o]ne became renowned for skipping his prom to play in the last day of European Qualifier for the TI5.No[o]ne, Vladimir Minenko, is a professional Dota 2 player
  • Ana, Anathan Pham, is a professional Australian Dota 2 middle-lane-player, who was standing for OG at TI7. As a young player, he was called out to perform in China, which consequently resulted in dropping out of his high school in the native state, Australia.  Ana started his professional career with Chinese gaming institute Invictus Gaming. Ahead of the International 2016 he got an invitation to join newly rebuilt OG squad, with which he achieved the highest peak of his success.Ana, Anathan Pham, is a professional Australian Dota 2 middle-lane-player
  • Miracle-, Amer Al-Barqawi, is one of the most famous impacting players amidst others in the Dota 2 community, holding the highest MMR of solo-gaming that one ever had. His unique skills and various item builds resulted in Team Liquid gaining a victory at the International 2017 tournament.Miracle-, Amer Al-Barqawi, is one of the most famous impacting players amidst others in the Dota 2 community

Between other e-Sport subjects, Dota 2 draws attention of many players by its complexity that requires a special performance to overcome, which is a unique gaming point around constantly growing competition.

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