Online Broadcasting

Online Broadcasting

Due to the expansion of the World Wide Web at the present time people can use the possibilities that decades ago one could hardly imagine. They may get access to the events happening all around the world in real time, despite being hundreds of miles away from the spot. In light of such developments, online visualization of events became possible substitutes TV broadcasting step by step in a rather considerable pace. The only significant issue, in this case, is access to the Internet. Users can use different devices, including cellphones, laptops, and tablets, to watch any event streamed from any spot on the planet.

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Broadcasting Of E-sports Events

Nowadays there is an amazing variety of e-Sports games suitable for any preferences. Gamers all over the world spent a fortune to get tickets for different important competitions that take place in e-Sports. They gather around big screens in order not to miss a moment to witness huge victories or losses of their favorite teams. For international disciplines, organizers of e-Sports events hire multi-language commentators to broadcast games of worldwide popularity. The most renowned cyber sports games are:

  • Counter Strike GO;
  • Dota 2;
  • LoL (League of Legends);
  • FIFA;

For the aforementioned list of games a twitch channel is commonly used, which provides its users with online broadcasting of tournaments, held across the world, 24 hours per day. The website was launched in 2011, in order to unload traffic off the main gaming servers. This fact proves that the amount of users willing to watch e-Sports events online has been only increasing. The statistics demonstrates how the twitch channel is popular among gamers, as until 2012 the website had been constantly visited by 20 million users.dota 2 stream

Luckily, the channel streaming is available on different platforms including official apps like iOS and Android, and this simplifies things a bit. Also there is an unofficial application ‘livestreamer’ providing its users with a possibility to witness broadcastings without application of any Internet browser in a separate playing program, for instance, in VLC. The website regularly publishes reports on gaming disciplines popularity, which is based upon the amount of users present on streams of this or that game.

In 2011 the twitch channel launched the partnership program, which already in 2015 gained about 11 000 partners. The partnership program ensures financial income to the manufacturers of popular content, via advertisements used during broadcastings. Apart from that, the twitch channel users can subscribe for the channels of partner streamers for a separate payment. In spring 2017 twitch launched a new partnership program, which provides financial income for smaller individual streaming players. This is an excellent opportunity for beginning content makers to earn funds for increasing viewership, present at twitch.counter strike global offensive stream

Online gaming broadcasting is not limited by twitch only, there are many other different channels streaming e-Sports events. For example, a game lobby like of Dota 2 has an option of streaming the content, which is highly demanded by Dota 2 players. Therefore, those who are interested can always find a suitable option for themselves to watch the event they want.

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